Art Direction

Beautiful Struggle is an experimental fashion line that challenges viewers to re-examine what is inscribed in their language and how personality can be radically transformed when translated. While globalization has promoted a more universal connection through English, people have forgotten that translation can lead to a loss of the possibilities inherent in other languages, and eventually the loss of its connection to a culture, history, and place. Beautiful Struggle takes on this issue from personal experiences of going from one language to another. The fashion line was presented as a performance in MICA’s 26th Annual Benefit Fashion Show, Catalyst. View more here.

Art Direction  |  Hannah Ahn, Yuchae Lee
Photography  |  Evelyn Ivy
Hair & Make Up  |  Emma Talpey, Estefanie Arrue, Irene Lee
Models  |  Marcellus Barnett, Arya Kapadia, Declan McKenna, Jason Phan, Maria Sanchez, Yan Wang, Ethan Wong